All Money Ain't Good Money!

I don’t know how I got talked into writing this blog. I’m not a blogger, my spelling is horrible (even with spell check), and I hate talking about myself. Surprise! But- I will make myself super uncomfortable if it means some young lady will learn from some of the mistakes I’ve made, or find encouragement in my journey! In the era of social media, it can appear that everyone’s life is perfect ,and everyone is successful, and everyone is happy. News flash- everyone uses a filter! HA! OK seriously….. Starting a business is hard, very hard. Walking away from the safety net of corporate America, complete with assistants, and corporate cards, and bi weekly direct deposits is like jumping off


As I sit here, on maybe the seventh day of this "word" being on my spirit, I'm finally here, handwriting a journal entry (yes handwriting and then typing it out), in which I hope will be helpful to someone. It has been on my spirit for some time now to share.. So here we go.. Just to reiterate, because I'm super inconsistent and have to get better with creating a better flow of content, through this platform, "My Truth" is a series, where we unapologetically share stories that have helped us throughout our journey. I say "we" because the goal is to have women within my network, or extended network, come and guest blog, a journal entry every now and then. The hopes are that these truths re

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