So.. As many of you may know, I had a presentation with Apple (yes like THE Apple), at their Williamsburg location this past Thursday. The presentation was part of their series, for Women's History Month. I was approached by an amazing person by the name of Wafer Tetevi, who works as a programming expert for Apple. Now in full transparency, anytime I'm presented with an opportunity to speak publicly, I immediately tense up, and my mind goes into ways of saying "thanks, but no thanks". Due to me having a really intense work schedule, using that as an excuse, is usually more than good, and I never walk away with a damaged relationship. (Hey, what can I say, people are understanding lol..) AN


"What is this campaign?" you may have asked yourself. My answer, just another way of saying "don't be afraid to be you!.. unapologetically". As some of you may know, who have read my previous blog entries (or follow my stories on instagram), I've had quite a journey, to say the least. It may seem as though I discussed a lot of my journey becoming a music executive, and a little of my personal life, but what I've realized is, because I entered into the music business at the age of 15 years old, its all intertwined. The lessons I've learned through some of the hardships I faced in business, have helped me tremendously, in my personal life. One of the biggest lessons, that has helped across m

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