Save Your Money, So One Day It Can Save You!

When Shari asked me to write a financial piece for the blog, I had to think, what is the most important topic to me when I think about personal finance? For the last 10 years I have been a financial services professional, a career where I get to help many people daily. I’ve learned that knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things. To truly accumulate money takes discipline. Sounds easy, maybe, but when you get your check and you are standing in the store looking at the same item you have been coveting for weeks and it‘s now on sale, do you buy it or consider your budget instead? Whatever you choose to spend your money on, the bigger question is, do you have control over you


I'm sitting here at 12:47am in my kitchen. My kitchen has become my "work from home space" for the past month. I actually talked myself to come back downstairs after twisting my natural hair (and you know that's a whole process), to work on some personal things that I have been putting off. (This picture was from one of my "late nights" while at work in LA, working on Jay Electronica's album release, figured it was aligned with my mood lol). I am here to tell you that I, Shari Bryant, am an inconsistent girl. When it comes to things outside of my immediate career, I tend to put them on the back burner. I absolutely love what I do, and I put my heart and soul into it. I make sure that nothing

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