As I sit here, on maybe the seventh day of this "word" being on my spirit, I'm finally here, handwriting a journal entry (yes handwriting and then typing it out), in which I hope will be helpful to someone. It has been on my spirit for some time now to share.. So here we go..

Just to reiterate, because I'm super inconsistent and have to get better with creating a better flow of content, through this platform, "My Truth" is a series, where we unapologetically share stories that have helped us throughout our journey. I say "we" because the goal is to have women within my network, or extended network, come and guest blog, a journal entry every now and then. The hopes are that these truths resonate with someone, and creates a pathway to either success, liberation, fulfillment, inspiration.. or all of the above! In the meantime, as we at pinkestluv build our content, with our network, I will share as much "truth's" as I can, my lessons that I have learned, as I have evolved throughout the years. It's IMPORTANT work, and it's my duty!

I want to create a platform, a big-sister page, where women, young, older, multi-cultural, etc.. various WOMEN.. can come to receive inspiration. I know I needed it, and still need it to this day.. So as God and the universe keeps putting this on my spirit, I'm going to push through and actually complete my first journal entry on 11:19 pm est, on Sunday, June 3rd (Y'all may not see this until the morning).

So, something that has been heavily on my spirit is a lesson that I have learned, that has become so prominent in my life, especially within the last couple of weeks. The lesson basically is.. "when the going gets tough, DO THE WORK!"...

Now, just to be clear, I am relating this to career decisions.. not relationships! (another journal entry, for another day, although I don't have the best experience in that field so I prob shouldn't be giving advice lol.. unless its what's NOT to do... lol). But anyway.. I've worked in the music industry for 18 years! .. 18 years.. I still can't believe it myself.

In my 18 years of working in the industry, there is one thing that I realized.. well actually a few things.. a lot of things... But one of the most important lessons that I have to come to learn, is that you have to remember who you do this for.

Whatever you are doing.. first off you have to have a purpose (which is ANOTHER journal entry).. but once you find your purpose, something you have discovered within you to fulfill, you have to keep that top of mind.

As you encounter major trials & tribulations (because anything worth it will come with T&T).. you have to remember what you are doing this for. I work in an industry in which can be considered a "thankless" job most of the time. Often times in our industry when things go right "it's them", and when things go wrong "it's you". In the beginning years of me pursuing my career, I wanted the accolades. I sought them, I found my purpose in them, and when I didn't receive it from the external, I broke down. I felt diminished. A dangerous feeling. But after a while, as I became more connected with my God, my higher spirit, I started focusing more on my purpose, and what I'm set out to accomplish. As I honed in, on my inner-self, and understood my purpose, my mind started to strategize differently. My goals were still connected to creating amazing results, which in turn, made people around me happy. All of this, still resulted in the accolades, but I was no longer SEEKING the praise. The "praise" came in abundance, when I just put my head down and DID THE WORK..

I guess its similar to things happening when you least expect it.

And by no means am I saying, to not celebrate yourself. In fact, that's exactly what I'm saying. CELEBRATE YOURSELF. Even when no one else does. Because everyone won't understand your purpose.. so a huge win to you, could be a small win to someone that is not connected to what you understand your purpose to be!

DO THE WORK.. the work for your purpose. Alway's remember who and what you are doing it for, and everything else will align

See you soon,

Love you #luvgirls

Shari B.

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