I can't remember where I seen this quote, but I do recall having some quiet time with myself, where I was reflecting and thinking about my journey. Now I have been in the music industry for close to 18 years. Basically I grew up in the business, and have learned a whole lot about life, while being in this business. As much as I love what I do, and honestly wouldn't change any of it, I have to admit the business I work in, could be pretty shallow. Just a tad bit :-)... I also would be lying, if I sat here and said that I always knew myself, and stood strong in my beliefs while working in this business. There were plenty of times I questioned and doubted myself. Plenty of times I analyzed myself in the mirror, and wondered if I belonged. Plenty of times I watched others work really hard to be someone else, in order to be accepted. I internalized it all.. I remember having a conversation with a great friend of mine (I wonder if he recalls this conversation), where I told him I had a game plan. See, as I mentioned, I grew up in this business, and started when I was 15 years old as an intern at rocafella records. I am from harlem, I came to work wearing vansons, airmax and a whole lot of pink (pink is and was my favorite color hence the brand name lol, also hence the blog image). So anyway, I was talking to him and I told him my game plan was to change up my style. I was going to start buying red bottoms, and wearing blazers and just working to "fit" in more. I wanted to look the part. He told me he didn't like that idea, and I should continue to be myself... You see, my eyes were on the "prize" and all I wanted was a taste of corporate success, and this to me was the way to get there.. to get noticed. By the end of our conversation, he left me feeling encouraged to be myself (thank GOD for amazing friends). I didn't know it then, but with time the red bottoms, salary, and all the other things came naturally. Naturally with the hard work, and growth. Now in no way is this post about material items. This is more about knowing yourself. Being unapologetically you, and with that the rewards come, at a pace that it is supposed to, and not while you are forcing yourself to be something you're not. (what is meant for you, will always be for you, when you stay faithful).

Throughout my career and personal life, I have learned that, the more I accept who I am, and where I am, the better I am at setting myself up for growth and success. You can put so much energy trying to be something that you are not that you stagnate everything else around you. It's similar to a conversation I always have with my artist. I'd rather you be authentically you, and allow the world to see some of your human failures, than to try to manufacture you into something you're not, and allow the world to one day see you fully exposed for what you're not. You can't keep up a facade for the rest of your life. I mean, you probably can, but how healthy is that? The bumps, the bruises, the trials, the tribulations, is what shapes us. It's what builds our character, what allows us to be authentic. I had to realize that I didn't want to rob myself of that type of growth. I love the woman I am, and the woman I am becoming. I love having enough of a relationship with God to not be afraid to be myself, and not to be what the world is telling me I should be. With social media its hard in today's world. Especially with how its used (we can argue about whether or not its responsible or misused another day). The controlled narrative that appears to be "reality". I could see how its easy to get lost in that, and to question who you are. BUT trust me, there is no better feeling in the world than tapping into YOUR hearts desires, and manifesting whats inside of YOU! No one's vision, no one's dream, but that of your own. Anything else will leave you feeling incomplete. So now, I challenge you, to take some quiet time, today/ tomorrow/ within the next week, and ask yourself, "DO I REMEMBER WHO I WAS BEFORE THE WORLD TOLD ME WHO I SHOULD BE?"

Love you!

Shari B.

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