"What is this campaign?" you may have asked yourself. My answer, just another way of saying "don't be afraid to be you!.. unapologetically".

As some of you may know, who have read my previous blog entries (or follow my stories on instagram), I've had quite a journey, to say the least. It may seem as though I discussed a lot of my journey becoming a music executive, and a little of my personal life, but what I've realized is, because I entered into the music business at the age of 15 years old, its all intertwined. The lessons I've learned through some of the hardships I faced in business, have helped me tremendously, in my personal life. One of the biggest lessons, that has helped across my entire life, was simply to continue to be ME, and not apologize for it.

Your glow up period is the period in which you accept your flaws. You own your mistakes. You understand you're a working progress. When you understand these things you glow. When you understand these things you commit to being a better you. Im re-learning now, and really understanding that good things literally take time. I know it sounds so simple. But when you really take a second to reflect on the positive in your life, reflect on your biggest accomplishments, you will realize it didn't happen overnight. There is a meme going around where it say's something along the lines of "you can work hard for years straight, and dont see the true benefits until your 10th year". (i.e. how I currently feel about this fitness journey I'm on...but another story for another day lol). But it's true, staying consistent to what's in your heart is the way to go. Not cheating the grind along the way, is the way to it.. Because this is the thing, when you commit to your goals, it doesn't mean the goals stay the same. It may change along the way. New doors start to open, you readjust, you learn new things about yourself, all of this gets you closer to the person you were created to be. But, you won't learn that, if you dont stay committed.

Pursue, Pursue, Pursue!

Even when you're scared, PURSUE. Even when you see no way to start.. Pursue. Take the first step, Be committed to your glow up, and trust me, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

I'm enjoying my glow-up season. Although my season started a long time ago, I've realized the glow-up season is an everlasting one, once you enter it. You're glow-up period is simply your acknowledgment of one's self. I had to realize that, I'm "glowed- up" even on my bad days. The days where my hair is a mess, the days I've cried until I had a headache and bags under my eyes, the day's in which I didn't want to do it anymore. You're glowed up regardless of your periods of feeling imperfect. Your glowed up because within this period you commit to being a better you. Even if you have a set back, you're glowed up because you acknowledge your flaws, you acknowledge what is holding you back, and you readjust and push even harder!

It's not easy. It takes self-reflection, and being honest with yourself. Be honest about who you are, because NO ONE IS PERFECT.. Even if they look like they are on social media.

Here are some of the things I had to do, once I entered my "glow up" season of life.


I had to stop internalizing things and taking them so personal. Taking into account people all have different journey's, and the way someone may treat. you, is less about you, and more about what they have experienced. If something doesn't suit you, move on and trust that your acknowledgement of what isn't right for you, will lead you to something better.


I had to start paying attention to the things that were lighting up my soul, and basically doing more of those things. i.e. working out, getting my and hair & nails done regularly (not the process, but the result lol), giving back to young women by simply sharing my journey, understanding what ignited me in the work I did for a living, and narrowing my scope within those things. These are just a few things, but the point is, fitting more of the things that made me happy in my life, until it becomes MY LIFE.


Still hard. I'm still learning to forgive, as im learning that forgiveness is more for you than it is for the person on the receiving end. Actually you both are on the receiving end during this period. Forgiveness helps to not harbor negativity within your mind, body and soul. It helps you to release, so that you can move on. I remember having so much anger and hurt in me for someone, that my body tensed up and I literally felt stress take over my body. I had to think to myself, "why would I give someone that much of me?" I'm a true believer in "stress kills", and for that I had to forgive, because I love me more!!

So ladies (& some gents).. I conclude this journal entry by simply saying.. continue to be you, and you will continue to glow!! I'll continue to SHARE.. I'm not perfect, what has worked for me, may not work for you.. but the point is to continue to dig deep within your self, acknowledge yourself, and you will notice the work that needs to be done. What would make me glow? Having people walk away from this "Pardon My Glow" series feeling like they have become better, stronger, wiser, and most of all ACCEPTING OF WHO YOU ARE!



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