I'm sitting here at 12:47am in my kitchen. My kitchen has become my "work from home space" for the past month. I actually talked myself to come back downstairs after twisting my natural hair (and you know that's a whole process), to work on some personal things that I have been putting off. (This picture was from one of my "late nights" while at work in LA, working on Jay Electronica's album release, figured it was aligned with my mood lol).

I am here to tell you that I, Shari Bryant, am an inconsistent girl. When it comes to things outside of my immediate career, I tend to put them on the back burner. I absolutely love what I do, and I put my heart and soul into it. I make sure that nothing (or to the best of my ability), falls through the cracks. I'm extremely strict on myself, when it comes to how I deliver on a daily basis to my career. One of the main reasons is because, It's my passion. But the truth is, although I love it, my dreams doesn't stop there.

I have other dreams and aspirations that are in my heart so deep, that they keep me up at night. If you have followed me for some time, you know that I alway's say, if its in your heart, and you can't leave it alone, then God has more than likely placed it there, and you have to pursue it (sidebar: make sure you also pray on it).

Its also why I had even launched PINKESTLUV in the first place. Our slogan is "live to your pinktential". I believe that we are all multifaceted and its up to us to dig deep and pursue all that God has created us to be. This doesn't only involve business aspirations either. I also believe there is no ceiling when you're living a purposeful life. As long as you're living in purpose, that purpose will continue to evolve. And while I believe in all of this, I sometimes still manage to get stuck in one place. Maybe the better word is comfortable. It's my job to shake it off, and find ways to reinvigorate myself, or God does it for me (most times). This unfortunate time, that has affected my family deeply, has also given me deep perspective. One of the things I've realized (or it has been brought to the surface again), is that my true peace and joy, is derived from living a life of purpose. My purpose is deeper than my career. It extends beyond that. I believe I was placed here to do so much more, and that's what I intend to do. Some things will be personal triumphs, and some will be more public.

One of my main missions, is to create a platform to help motivate an entire generation of women to tap into their truest and most authentic potential.

How do I get there? By being CONSISTENT. How do I stay consistent? by dedicating the same level of discipline to my personal endeavors, that I do to other areas in my life. Now don't get me wrong, my career is a personal endeavor for me, but it just doesn't stop there. We are strong, driven, multifaceted woman. There is a way to do it all, when its your destiny. When you walk by faith, God just starts opening doors for you. Whether its in the form of support, a wave a new creativity that is sparked, a more disciplined mindset... The doors will begin to open. Sometimes we have to removed the distractions that are not allowing us mental space/clarity, to be great. Sometimes its becoming a more healthy individual, to help us feel lighter on our feet, and puts us in a greater head space, simply by eating different. Whatever it is, its up to us to identify the root of what's holding us back, or keeping us stagnant.

It doesn't have to happen overnight, but we have to start chipping away at it sooner than later, to get to our goals. I can tell you what, it won't miraculously happen by starting and stopping, or even better by not lifting a finger..

Lets also remove our excuses. Don't let it be not having the funds, if that's the case start by building your profile, for free on your instagram page that you scroll through for hours and accomplish very little towards your goals (I'm in somebody business, as pastor Mike Todd would say lol, I'm actually in my own business lol)..

We Luv girls, are not looking for hand outs, we are looking for progress, and that's going to come with us being consistent.

As someone who wakes up everyday super consistent in one area in her life, I know the benefits. Now lets work to apply it in multiple areas, to all that we would like to accomplish in our lives. Break your goals up into segments, and chip away. One goal at a time.

Let's be CONSISTENT on one goal for the next 30 days. I believe we will all be happy with our outcomes.

Are you up for the challenge?

Luv you #luvgirls

Shari B.

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