Alway's remain fearless and show where the f**k you came from!

When I look back at my younger years, I was fearless, unstoppable, courageous, and had the urge to become someone better than the stereotypical description giving to a young woman in the hood. According to ignorant statistics, I was suppose to be pregnant, uneducated, and trying to find a man that supported me when I needed something. Contrary to that, I always felt a superpower within me, that made me feel like that wasn’t for me. I was going to be better than that.

No matter the obstacles that came in front of me, I felt a lift over my shoulder from God providing strength within me to not give up. I feel like God always gave me a glimpse of my mother's struggles, to remind me of what it is, I needed to overcome. GOD reminded me of my purpose.

Fast forward 10 years later I sit in my very first apartment in Los Angeles with a career that I dreamed and prayed for. This has given me my testimony, that you can beat the odds, when you win battles over your mind that tell you, you are not enough. My testimony gives me the strength to keep going. As the saying goes, "I have survived 100% of my worst day's". Dont get me wrong, I’m still fighting battles, either with myself or others. I feel like I have to continue to either remind myself, or prove to others that I am more than enough. The one thing I've realized, the battle will forever continue, because for some reason you may never be more than enough to others. The question will always remain, are you enough to your self?

I’m 25 years old with a career that I wasn’t "supposed" to get. I have people, younger than me, that look up to me daily, that continue to give me strength. But ultimately what makes me enough? Self-Care, Self- Love, Self-Appreciation.

Realizing that no matter what happens, I’ll still be a young woman with determination ready for a battle. No matter what is taken away from me, I’ll still be me. The girl from washington heights, with an accent, and also with enough hustle to sell water to whale.

But what advice do I give you? Young fearless woman, working to become the next president, the next doctor, the next executive, never change who you are for someone else. Never hide who you are, Never lower the tone in your voice to allow someone to feel more powerful, never bow your head down when a man is in front of you. Always hold your head up high, and very high might I add. Always stay true to yourself, always remain fearless and show where the fuck you came from!

No job, person, career or judgement change who you are, and guess what, you will still be a force to be reckoned with.

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