I know its been a while since I have written a blog, and trust me I have thought about it countless times, but there just wasn't a passionate topic that would come to mind. As I look to expand this platform, that is the challenge I face. I know in order to take this platform to the next level, me and the team need to be consistent with pushing out content, but for me, if its not something meaningful that's on my heart, I'd rather just wait. I would rather wait until it comes to me. I've always lived according to the saying "quality over quantity".

I don't think the less is more concept is a bad thing. I could give you pieces that mean a lot to me, pieces in which you get my true, raw, and authentic self. This to me is more important than monthly visitors to our platform.

So with all of that being said, there was a topic that brought me here, brought me back to my journal, something that came to my heart. A good friend of mind, the owner of Milano Di Rouge's clothing line, posted a picture of me to her page. It was a beautiful collection of images, composed of fierce women in various industries. I'm talking Ava DuVernay, BEYONCE, Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, Desiree Perez, OPRAH, so many more and ME. I was amongst these beautiful and powerful women, who I was also inspired by, and looked up to. There were plenty of moments, where I have watched an interview or read an article on these ladies, and found a little of myself or who I wanted to be, in them. You see being on that wall, wasn't all that far fetched to me in my head, but DARE I ever say aloud, that that is who I see myself being. Dare I ever post a picture claiming that status. I could hear it now, "she has a long way to go", "how dare she", "girl, get back to work". OR I'm hearing myself. My subconscious, the other part of my mind that I battle with from time to time, saying those things. Saying them to myself.

It's as if it was almost safer, for me to not declare such a big statement, so that if I didn't reach what I have declared, at least I wouldn't be embarrassed, or look like a failure publicly.

Recently I did an interview for The article was brought to me by Adam Ortega, who had told me she thought of me for the piece, because I had inspired her. Even this, it continues to amaze me, the fact that opportunities are coming to me, from simply living in my purpose, and doing the work to the best I can, and through that being an inspiration. But more on that another day..

During the complex interview, the seasoned journalist who interviewed me, tells me after the interview that this has been one of her greatest interviews (mind you she has been doing this for some time), and that I remind her of an rising Oprah. Not that she knew Oprah personally, but I'm assuming of what Oprah represented. When I tell you, that statement BLEW ME AWAY. I was in immediate tears. This was one of the highest compliments that I could receive, but also, it was in alignment with how I envisioned my overall personal brand. I told a handful of people, my closest friends and family, but the statement, felt so scary. It was like GOD was reminding me that there is something greater out there for me, and all I need to do is continue to push. With all this, all of the confirmation, the happy tears, I was still uncomfortable and fearful. In my head, is that really what people see me as? , Can I, ME, Shari Bryant be one of the greats? My soul told me yes, but my mind played games.

And then.. Milano posts this photo. I'm in complete awe. Like is this really how someone see's ME?

But then it came to me after a few days.


You are amazing! you worked REALLY hard for this! You have been intentional!

It's all there for you, but there is something still holding you back, something still making you afraid to grasp it!


But equally as important, I also start thinking of so many others, who are afraid to live in their light. Afraid of the criticism. Afraid of failure, afraid that they won't get far. I'm here to tell you, that the best thing you can do for you, is block out all the reasons why something isn't possible, and focus on what your heart is telling you IS possible.

Despite every flaw, everything that's telling you why you're not good enough, why you can't reach that level, why your not the person for the job etc. ignore it! block it out!

Make your declaration. Write it down, make it real, tell other people so you can be held accountable, LIVE IN YOUR LIGHT.

Some people will look at you as if you're crazy. Who cares?! LIVE IN YOUR LIGHT.

Accept every beautiful compliment given to you and LIVE IN YOUR LIGHT!

Light rules out darkness, shine so others can see you, and allow your light to extend on to them. Better yet, allow it to lighten up their world. ITS BIGGER THAN YOU.

The highest human act is to inspire, and the greatest inspiration will come from you living the life purposed for you! Unapologetically!

There is so much more I want to write on this topic, and I will, most likely in segments. But before I wrap I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to Milano, who made the statement I was afraid to make. Thank you for all of the other women who constantly encourage others to LIVE IN THEIR LIGHT. As a community, we will be unstoppable if we continue to lift others up. You never know who's hiding, and just need YOU to flash a light on them, to wake them up, and teach them a valuable lesson, and to help them LIVE IN THEIR LIGHT.

Remember, no matter how much you have accomplished, you can never stop learning, sometimes you need reminders, this was the perfect one for me. I'm declaring I will LIVE IN MY LIGHT.. How about you?

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